With healthy food hard to find, El Monte commits to promoting health, fitness

San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Nearly half of El Monte lies in what the U.S. Department of Agriculture deems a food desert, areas where residents face difficulty accessing a variety of healthy food options. Fast food restaurants and liquor stores are plentiful along the city's major streets. But with the city unable to kick out restaurants or strip liquor licenses at will, it's taken a different route: educating its residents about health and wellness and offering free programs meant to get locals active.  Read more here.



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How much are trees worth to megacities?

In a metropolis teeming with shuffling crowds, cranes and high-rises shouldn't be the only things reaching skywards. Megacities — those urban centers crammed with more than 10 million people — would be well served to double down on their arboreal assets, according to a new paper in the upcoming issue of the journal Ecological Modeling.  Click here for the full article.



Park Bond Passes Assembly and Senate Houses - Next Stop is the Governor's Desk

At 1:58 a.m. Saturday, the Senate took up, and passed, SB 5 on concurrence from the Assembly.  This means that the measure will be transmitted to the Governor for signature within the next 30 days. 

Thank you to those who took the time to write letters and call their legislators, and especially to those who encouraged their community to do the same.  YOU made the difference in getting SB5 to the Governor's desk!

For next steps, everyone should write and request the Governor sign this measure.  You can submit those letters at any time next week, but please do not delay longer than that.  Submit letters online here!


Friday, September 22
Blue Rock Springs Golf Course - West Course
655 Columbus Parkway, Vallejo, CA

Thursday, October 19
Temescal Beach House
Thursday, November 2
Woodland Community Church & Senior Center
2001 East Street, Woodland, CA 95776