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Parks for All Californians

Parks for All Californians offers three tools to assist local park agencies and other interested organizations and individuals to assess park needs.

Park Access Tool

California is proud to introduce the nation’s first statewide use of GIS technology showing neighborhood-level park access and demographic information.

Community FactFinder Tool

FactFinder analyzes demographics and park acres within a half mile of a point you define.

Grant Allocations Tool

The Office of Grants and Local Services (OGALS) administers grant programs funding local, state, and nonprofit organization projects.



Afterschool Program Quality Self Assessment Tool

The new and improved, second version of the California Afterschool Program Quality Self-Assessment Tool (QSA) and User’s Guide have recently been finalized with extensive input from the California after school field.  Programs can use the tool to self-assess their program and make plans for program improvement.  The tool focuses on big picture program design elements, as well as important considerations at the point of service.  Developed by the California Afterschool Network.

Download the Self Assessment Tool



Tools and Measures, Active Living Research

Does your community have neighborhoods and streets that encourage walking and bicycling? If not, how can you document where improvements are needed? Use these tools to collect data on streets, schools, parks, or other community settings to see how well they support physical activity. Data like these can illustrate the need to make changes in your community, and help leaders determine the most effective way to do so.





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