Training Resources

Discover resources and tools to assist with teaching YOUR solutions to conference attendees. Watch and read a few short clips from CPRS favorite trainer Guila Muir and the CPRS Education Department.

  • Speaker & Session Planning Tips - Click here
  • Training Matters -- Make it Stick! - Click here for a blog post by teamWorks
  • The Most Important Tool For Successful Meetings - Click here with Guila Muir
  • Do Your Presentations “run out of gas”? - Click here for Video by Guila Muir
  • What is Nudging? - Click here
  • 5 Rapid Routes to Nudging - Click here
  • Does Smiling Help or Hurt Presenters - Click here for YouTube Video by Guila Muir
  • Presentation Disaster Zone - Click here with Guila Muir
  • Assessing Training Skills within Your Organization - Click here with Guila Muir
  • Session Formats with Impact - Click here
  • Training Resources - Click here
  • Benefits of Training Your Peers -- Click here

District & Section Training Coordinator Resources

Review these evaluation summaries from past CPRS conferences to help you plan your next CPRS training.  Call the CPRS Education Department for session summaries and speaker contact information at 916.665.2777.

  • 2017 Conference Session Summary Evaluations- Click here
  • 2018 Conference Session Summary Evaluations- Click here
  • 2019 Conference Session Summary Evaluations- Click here