Scholarships Available!

Thanks to efforts during the school by current students, Regents and guests, Maintenance Management School Regents are happy to offer scholarships each school year (typically partial scholarships).  Download or request the application form (after July 1st) by calling CPRS at 916.665-2777.  Apply by the deadline of September 1 each year.

Scholarship Selection Criteria

Someone from your agency must send a letter of reference indicating:

  • You are in good standing with the Agency
  • Agency intends to continue your participation in the School through the program
  • Both you and your agency understand the level of commitment required for School participation

You must send a letter of interest stating:

  • Why you want to attend
  • Why you need the scholarship
  • How attending this school will aid in accomplishing your career goals

Priority will be given to 50% scholarships needs – should more than one request for a 50% scholarship be received, these requests will be given priority over full scholarship requests.

Scholarship dollars are applicable to School tuition which includes lodging and meals and limited transportation.

CPRS District 2 and the CPRS Development & Operations Section offers scholarships as well--we appreciate the support!

Have Questions?  Assistance with our scholarship application is available by emailing