Our Mission

The California Park & Recreation SocietyCelebration_Vignette_300x300.jpg

Founded in 1946, CPRS is a nonprofit, professional and public interest organization with close to 4,000 members who create community by:

  • providing recreational experiences to individuals, families and communities
  • fostering human development
  • promoting health and wellness
  • increasing cultural unity
  • facilitating community problem solving
  • protecting natural resources
  • strengthening safety and security
  • strengthening community image and sense of place
  • supporting economic development

CPRS membership is well-distributed, with 86 percent of park and recreation agencies in California boasting at least one CPRS individual member. In addition, over 175 park and recreation agencies are themselves CPRS members.

Our Mission

The California Park & Recreation Society's mission is to advance the park and recreation profession through education, networking, resources and advocacy.

Why We Exist

CPRS is the source of resources, tools, advocacy and events that strengthen California's public parks and recreation industry and our professionals.  CPRS unites members and creates networks across disciplines and agency boundaries to achieve together what we cannot do alone. butterfly.jpeg

In the End... 

  • CPRS exists for the success of our members and the profession, while operating in a fiscally responsible manner.
  • Members are united in their commitment to improving people's lives.
  • Members have the skills, knowledge and networks they need to be successful in their profession.
  • Policy makers vote with the premise that parks and recreation is an essential service.

Care to join us?